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Winning Rajasthan Trust Vote a Message to Forces Trying to Destabilise Elected Govts, Says Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot led Congress government scored an expected win today in a trust vote in the Rajasthan assembly which marked the end of weeks of turmoil over a rebel crisis that had pushed the state government on the verge of collapse. The vote of confidence was passed by voice vote, a day after Ashok Gehlot’s patch-up with sacked deputy Sachin Pilot, who ended his rebellion against the Chief Minister earlier this week. With this, the House has been adjourned till 21 August.

After getting the trust vote, Gehlot expressed his happiness through a tweet which read, “”Winning the trust vote in the assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize elected governments in the country. Their every tactic failed in Rajasthan. It is the people’s unwavering trust in us and unity of our Congress MLAs that has brought this victory,”

After getting the trust vote, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot targeted the BJP and said that the way the BJP conspired inside Karnataka, in Madhya Pradesh, and in many other states, they adopted the same policy in Rajasthan. But the BJP was exposed in Rajasthan. They have understood that their plan has failed.

After the Rajasthan assembly session, Sachin Pilot said that the confidence vote was passed by the majority inside the house today. The pilot further said that a roadmap has been prepared for all the issues that were being raised and he is confident that the roadmap will be announced on time.

Pilot, who was Deputy Chief Minister and sat next to Mr. Gehlot the last time he was present in the assembly, is now seated across the floor, near the opposition benches and to this, he said,“When I came to the house and found that my seat had been changed, I was wondering why. When I sat there (pointing to the government benches), I felt safe. Now I am next to the opposition. Then I realized that I have been sent to the sarhad (border). I come from Rajasthan which is on the border of Pakistan and only the bravest and strongest warrior is sent to the border. The government is safe as long as I am sitting here.”

Even after losing his seat in the house Pilot extended his full support to Gehlot as he indicated that things are good between him and the CM. He said, “During this debate, many things will be said, much will be revealed. But whatever we had to say or do, me and my friends, we have received our cure. We consulted a doctor in Delhi and we are back now. We all stand united”.

Also, on one occasion Pilot snubbed the BJP’s Gulab Chand Kataria, the Leader of Opposition, who tried to target the Gehlot government keeping the gun on Pilot’s shoulder, said, “Pilot was pushed out of the party even though he did such good work on MNREGA”. To this Pilot interrupted: “What is our internal matter, leave that to us. Whether there is any hurt or not, leave that to us. You focus on the trust vote.”

During the debate on the motion of confidence, there was an uproar over Rajasthan Parliamentary Affair Minister Shanti Dhariwal’s remarks. Dhariwal accused BJP of procuring MLAs. BJP MLAs objected to this. During the debate on the motion of confidence in the House, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dhariwal blamed the Centre for trying to “topple” the governments in Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, and Goa, using money and power, but said a similar attempt in Rajasthan would not succeed.

Dhariwal did face heat from the speaker of the house, Dr. CP Joshi, for his fierce attack and remarks against the BJP. Speaker Joshi told Shanti Dhariwalto to maintain the dignity of the House.

“You cannot do it like other MLAs. You are so senior. Still, you are not taking care of the dignity of the House. You are doing the wrong thing. Joshi said that despite being the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, you are acting like an MLA. Two things cannot happen simultaneously. If you are to work as Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, then you have to maintain decorum. If you do not keep your dignity, I will leave the chair,” added Joshi.

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