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“What A Job You’ve Done…”! Trump quotes PM Modi who he says lauded him In Covid Fight

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi

US President Donald Trump has said that PM Narendra Modi has praised him for the efforts he has made in quelling the pandemic in the country. He said that PM Modi lauded him for doing a great job in coronavirus testing. At the same time, Trump also continues to slam his Democratic opponent Joe Biden for being a complete mess in handling the swine flu during the previous administration.

“By far, we’ve tested more people than India, than many, many big countries put together. India is second (in coronavirus testing after the US). We’re 44 million tests ahead of India. They have 1.5 billion people. And Prime Minister Modi calls me and says, what a job you’ve done with testing,” said Trump speaking at an election rally in Reno, Nevada.

The President mentioned that PM Modi has said that US COVID-testing needs to be explained to the media after the former’s able handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump is currently spending a considerable amount of time in Nevada, to make a swing of some of the key states in the West Coast.

“I said, explain that to these dishonest people (media people) back (at the election rally). Biden’s record demonstrates that if he had been in charge when the China virus arrived, hundreds of thousands of more Americans would have died. As vice president, he presided over the worst and the weakest and the slowest economic recovery, since the great depression,” Trump said.

Trump also criticized China as the global pandemic continue to raze and turning the world upside down. “Nobody had ever stood up to China like we have stood up to China and you haven’t seen the last of it,” he said.

As he is standing toe to toe against Biden, Trump leaves no stone unturned to get at him. “Biden, if he wins, would be controlled by the left radicals. Now he wants to surrender our country to the violent left-wing mob. If Biden wins, China wins. If Biden wins, the mob wins,” Trump said. “If Biden wins the rioters win, the anarchists win, the flag burners, the anarchists…they all win,” Trump added.

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