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October 20, 2021
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US on India farm protests: Protest peacefully, farm reforms will only “improve efficiency

rihanna biden farm protest

The US commented on the farmers’ protest saying that new reforms will boost the economy. The US State Department mentioned that it is the hallmark of a modern democracy to provide unbridled access to information, including the Internet, and peaceful protests.

The US offered subtle support to the farmers who are protesting along the borders of the capital since the past several months. The US also backed “steps that can improve the efficiency of India’s markets”.

The US State Department jumped into the issue after the protests garnered international attention. The three farm laws passed by the central government that have provoked the agitation have resulted in a massive congregation along the borders of Delhi forcing the government to block internet services near the protest sites.

This blocking of internet, electricity and water supply to the protesting farmers evoked strong emotions among netizens worldwide, which also brought the United States into the fray.

“We recognize that peaceful protests are a hallmark of any thriving democracy, and note that the Indian Supreme Court has stated the same. We encourage that any differences between the parties be resolved through dialogue,” said a US Embassy spokesperson.

“In general, the United States welcomes steps that would improve the efficiency of India’s markets and attract greater private sector investment,” the spokesperson added.

So, the remarks also seem to have made a soft support for the farm laws passed by the government, which it said were long overdue reforms in the agriculture sector.

The farmers sitting in protests along the borders are saying that the three laws will leave them at the mercy of the big corporate giants and will deprive them of the minimum price for their crops.

The government in its efforts to prevent the farmers from entering the capital, especially after the Republic Day ruckus, has fortified the borders, sealing them with barbed wires and planting nails on the roads. The internet service to the nearby areas has been curtailed as part of this.

Soon after the snapping of internet services, it generated glaring attention from international media and the US also jumped into the controversy.

The remarks by the US came soon after a tempest set off by pop star Rihanna’s tweet in support of the farmers’ agitation. This and many more tweets by celebrities followed, activists and US lawmakers took the protests to the world stage, prompting a sharp pushback from the Indian government.

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