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October 20, 2021
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Trump derides Indian air quality, says it is filthy at US presidential debate


While participating in his second and final presidential debate with his Democratic rival Joe Biden, President Donald Trump passed a snide comment on India’s air quality, saying that the US has the best carbon emission.

He compared the US with India, China and Russia on climate change and mentioned that these countries are filthy and they do not care much about their air like the US. 

“Look at China. How filthy it is. Look at Russia. Look at India, it’s filthy. The air is filthy,” Trump said adding that the US has the best carbon emissions in 35 years. “We have the cleanest air, the cleanest water and the best carbon emissions”.

“I walked out of the Paris Accord as we had to take out trillions of dollars and we were treated very unfairly. I will not sacrifice millions of jobs… thousands of companies because of the Paris Accord. It is very unfair,” Trump said.

In November, 2019, the US withdrew from the 2015 Paris climate accord and notified the UN. It was a landmark global agreement that was signed by 188 nations, including India, to fight global warming. The Paris Agreement, in which Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi played instrumental roles, was adopted at the UN climate conference “COP 21” held in the French capital in 2015 with an aim to reduce the hazardous greenhouse gas emissions.

Barring climate change, Trump and Biden also sparred on Friday over a slew of issues including Covid-19 and the economy, racism and police brutality, foreign policy and healthcare. A deviation from the previous one the debate was more disciplined and substantive. 

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