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September 23, 2021
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Satellite images expose village built by China in Arunachal Pradesh

china arunachal border

Even before the border row with China nears any conclusion another controversy has now erupted as satellite images reveal a village China built on Indian soil in Arunachal Pradesh.

China had claimed Arunachal Pradesh as their own since long, and it has been a perpetual contention between the two neighboring countries.

The village in question, located on the banks of the River Tsari Chu, lies in the Upper Subansiri district. This area has been in dispute over many years between China and India and has been marked by armed conflict.

This will now create a great upheaval within the Indian defense system as experts who studied the images say that the construction happened approximately 4.5 kms inside Indian Territory. It will have great repercussions now as it is a very disturbing development.

The village was built in the eastern range of the Himalayas. On the other hand, the Indian and Chinese soldiers are already in a subdued combat mode thousands of kms away in the Western Himalayas in Ladakh, confronting each other in their deadliest clash in decades.

The border row with China started in June last year, where 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash in the Galwan Valley. China has never publicly stated how many casualties they suffered.

The stand-off in Ladakh continues through this winter with thousands of soldiers from both sides deployed on the frontline in the harshest of climate in sub-zero temperatures.

It is now up to the Indian government how it reacts to this news and what steps it is going to take to thwart any Chinese motive.

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