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Sample report of two Coronavirus patients suspected to be negative in Uttar Pradesh

Investigation report of two corona virus suspects medical students from Uttar Pradesh, who returned from China, has surfaced. Both patients report negative. The doctors gave information about this.

One of those two patients is Maharajganj and the other is from Ghazipur. The two were studying medicine in the Chinese city of Wuhan and returned to their homes some time ago. Director of Communicable Diseases Mithilesh Chaturvedi said that while reports of two suspects have been received on the one hand, reports of a third suspect from Ghaziabad are awaited.

Mithlesh Chaturvedi said that the patient of Ghaziabad has been kept separately in his house. We will wait for the next 28 days before declaring them perfectly healthy. Blood, mucus and sputum samples of the suspects were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune. Reports of both patients were received late Thursday night.

GC Maurya, Chief Medical Officer of Ghazipur said that this medical student from his district was studying in Wuhan. He said that the girl had returned home on January 15 after the Union Health Ministry issued an alert in this regard. A medical team was sent to examine him. But the girl did not show signs of coronovirus.

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