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Sachin Pilot urges centre to withdraw farm laws, says neither farmers nor state govts were consulted

Sachin Pilot farmers

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot targeted the central government over the agricultural laws. Sachin Pilot reached among the farmers in protest against the agriculture law of the Central Government on the bullock cart. On Sunday, Sachin Pilot visited 11-gram panchayats of Tonk district in connection with the program being run against the agricultural law. Sachin Pilot, while interacting with the farmers, termed the Agriculture Law as a thought-out strategy of the Modi government to ruin the farmers.

He said that the laws made by the government in arrogance should be withdrawn in the interest of the farmers of the country. Pilot said farmers are agitating all over the country and for more than one and a half months in this harsh cold, countless farmers are staging a protest and trying to convince their demand in Gandhian way.

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan said that 9 rounds of talks have been held with the government but it was fruitless. He added that the intention of the government is not to draw results instead it just wants to exhaust the farmers. This is a one-sided action of the central government, which the farmers are opposing.

Addressing farmers in Tonk, Pilot said, “today our effort is to gather 24 political parties in the country to support those farmers. This is not a political demand, given the future of farmers and their interest, the whole country has vowed to withdraw the three laws from the government.”

“This is the first time that different opposition parties are unitedly demanding that the government should withdraw the laws. The government did not discuss the laws with farmers or any state government before enacting these,” he said.

Addressing farmers in Tonk, Pilot said there is not even a single representative of farmers in the Union government and no one is bothered about their plight.

Pilot said that the BJP government at the centre is going to eliminate the small and medium farmers and hand over the entire system to the multinational companies. He said that this is the reason that all the farmers’ organizations and political parties of the country, except the BJP, are protesting against the demand for withdrawal of these three laws.

Accusing the BJP government of the Centre of being arrogant, Sachin Pilot said, that for more than a month, thousands of farmers have been camping on the streets in this horrific winter, but the government is neither withdrawing this black law nor giving written assurance on the MSP.

Pilot also criticized the objectionable remarks made about farmers without naming MLA Madan Dilawar. At the same time, he said that remarks made by many BJP leaders of the state and the Centre like calling the farmers as Naxalites, terrorists and other allegations, was extremely irresponsible. He said that instead of extracting any result of this movement, the central government is only working to exhaust the farmers and suppress their movement.

“The economy is collapsing, petrol-diesel prices are skyrocketing, cylinder prices are rising, inflation is rising, unemployment is increasing and in such a situation, the government is hitting the farmers with such a move,” Pilot said, demanding the withdrawal of the laws. Pilot on Sunday spoke to farmers in Tonk’sBamor, Sonwa, Harchandeda, Araniamal gram panchayats as part of the party’s ‘KisanBachao-DeshBachao’ campaign.

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