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October 20, 2021
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RJD and JDU indulge in war of words as Assembly elections are just around the corner

Lalu Nitish

With Assembly elections just around the corner in Bihar Assembly the political parties and their leaders have engulfed in a fierce war of words. Each and every party in the state has started accusing the other. The latest case is of a tweet by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, in which he has taken a dig at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar). Lalu has written that Nitish Kumar himself does not know where, where, when, why, how and for what reason has he changed sides.

RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav has recently tweeted a cartoon. In the cartoon JDU leader and CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar can be seen saying that he would never ever join hands with BJP while another image of Nitish says “how many times are you going to say this, aren’t you ashamed.”

This stance of Lalu is reminiscent of the statements of Nitish Kumar who was in the Grand Alliance with the RJD during the last assembly elections. During the last assembly elections Nitish Kumar had made many strong statements against the BJP and it was during that time that he had talked about never joining forces with the BJP. It is also to be noted that during the last assembly elections Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also said that there is something wrong with Kumar’s “political DNA” that led the Janata Dal-United leader to ditch friends who worked with him. That time Nitish Kumar was quick to connect the statement to the DNA of the people of the state and it was during that time that people from the state had sent names for DNA test to the PMO.

JDU was quick to respond to Lalu Prasad Yadav’s tweet as State JDU chief spokesperson Sanjay Singh hit back at the cartoon released by the RJD supremo, saying that nothing better can be expected from him. Sanjay Singh further added that the glimpse of the culture that Lalu has inculcated is clearly visible in his children.

“Use of abusive language, hooliganism is the identity if RJD and its leader and he is not going to change even if he stays in any jail,” added Singh.

Singh further took a dig at the RJD supremo and his tweet by saying that the person who has made Bihar a laughing stock because of his own cartoon like characteristics nowadays is engaged in either making cartoons or getting it made by someone else. The one who continues to do every somersault for corruption is talking about the other.

Singh also said, “Lalu can take the help of all the technology available in the world. He may join Twitter but his language can never change. His style will never change. There are all kinds of protests in politics, but the abusive opposition of the Lalu family is rarely seen anywhere else.” The JDU spokesperson also took a dig at Lalu’s current knowledge as he said, “After being convicted in the fodder scam, Lalu ji is getting knowledge these days. He may not be in Jail but he is acquiring good knowledge in the Ranchi Institute if Medical Sciences. But it would have been much better had he attained this knowledge while he was in power in the state. But at that time he used all his knowledge to do scams and corruption. Even Lalu ji would not know where, and when, his family committed corruption. They may not even remember how many corruption cases were filed against them. How many times had to appear in court.”

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