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Rift in K’taka BJP out in open as MLA Basanagouda Patil says CM Yediyurappa to be changed soon

basanagouda patil yatnal

All does not seem well in Karnataka BJP as indicating rebellion, BJP MLA Basanagowda Patil Yatanal has said that BS Yeddyurappa will not be the chief minister for a long time and the high command has decided that his successor will be from the North Karnataka region. BJP MLA from VijayapuraBasanagouda Patil Yatnal has set off a mild storm in the party circles after he commented that the national leadership will soon change chief minister BS Yediyurappa.

Significantly, the debate on leadership change has started in Karnataka. MLA Basnagowda Patil Yatanal has once again voiced his opposition to the BSY (CM Yeddyurappa) leadership. Speaking at the inauguration of the Money MoneyDevasthan Compound in Vijayanapuram on Monday night, Basnagowda Patil predicted that the new Chief Minister of Karnataka would be from North Zone after BS Yeddyurappa. It is to be noted that in the past, Basnagouda has opposed CM Yeddyurappa many times. On Monday, he said, “Yeddyurappa became CM because of us, North Karnataka PPL gave 100 MLAs so that he could become CM.”

The former union minister alleged that the chief minister only showed interest in the development work of his home district Shivamogga while withdrawing the funds allocated to MLAs from other constituencies. Yatanal said, “(for the constituency) 125 crore rupees was allocated but our Chief Minister withdrew it, after which the fight between me and him started. He is carrying all the things to Shivamogga … He will not be there (Chief Minister) for long … His time has come. ”

Talking to reporters in his constituency Vijayapura, Yatnal claimed that the BJP high command had several options for Yeddyurappa. He said, “Umesh Katti (BJP MLA) also questioned whether he (Yeddyurappa) is the Chief Minister for Shivamogga or the whole Karnataka. if 125 crores were not taken back from me, we had plans to make all roads cement road … it has been taken back, but I won’t leave it. I’m fighting for it and I will bring it back.”

Further emphasizing that the BJP high command including the Prime Minister is also giving a thought to the removal of YediyurappaYatnal said, “Ninety-five per cent MLAs (in the BJP) will be us (from North Karnataka). So, people at the top (BJP high command) have also understood. It has come in the mind of our Prime Minister that the successor (to Yediyurappa) should be from North Karnataka; he has said after Yediyurappa it will be from North Karnataka, it is almost final.”

It is to be noted that there has been speculation in recent times about the possible change in leadership given Yeddyurappa’s age.  However, the state BJP had dismissed the news of Yeddyurappa’s removal.

Meanwhile, there is severe flooding in North Karnataka. The relief work is also being delayed due to the flood, due to which the BJP MLA has targeted the Chief Minister. Apart from this, the state government has also been held responsible for the increasing number of Covid cases. The grant to the legislators has been scrapped due to Corona. The BJP MLA himself is not getting any grant for the development of the constituency.

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