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Rahul Gandhi says PM Modi is trying to ‘finish farmers with laws meant to snatch freedom’

Rahul Gandhi and PM MODI on Farmers bill

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi from District Sangrur, the birthplace of Shaheed Udham Singh and Patiala, the home district of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. Rahul said- Modi Ji first made demonetisation, brought GST and did not help the farmers during the Corona and now 3 laws have been brought against the farmers, we will raise our voice against this step of Modi Ji. Rahul Gandhi said that India has become weak due to Modi’s anti-national policies and it the reason why China dared to kill our soldiers.

On this occasion, Rahul Gandhi also mentioned the Hathras gang rape, questioning the silence of PM Modi and said that Modi did not say anything on such a big matter. When Rahul Gandhi went to meet the victim’s family in Hathras, he was shocked, Rahul said, “Entire country has been pushed to the corner. So it’s not a big deal if I am pushed or heckled. It’s our job to protect our country. But the actual push was felt by the victim’s family.”

Rahul Gandhi said that China has realized that Modi has weakened India and China took advantage of this to occupy our land. According to Modi’s claim, the Chinese soldiers did not enter India then how can they kill 20 of our soldiers who were in Indian territory along the Line of Actual Control.

Rahul said that Modi has broken the back of the country and new agricultural laws will take away the freedom of farmers. Prime Minister Modi wants to enslave farmers by abolishing the system of mandating, farmers, MSP. Congress will oppose it and will not retreat even an inch for the farmers and labourers. Rahul said that the Prime Minister does not recognize the power of farmers.

He said that those who are thinking that the new agricultural laws will not harm farmers and farm labourers, they are thinking wrong. It is an attempt to capture the country’s food system. Just as the British tried to capture India’s grain, the same exercise is now happening again. The new laws will end the mandate in the country and make the peasants slaves of capitalists like Adani and Ambani. Modi is clearing the way for the capitalists.

Rahul said, ‘I believe there are flaws in the MSP system. To keep grain, silos have to be made. There should be reforms to overcome the shortage of crop procurement system and not it should be eliminated. He said that Modi is bent on making millions of labourers unemployed. First, by implementing GST, the business of lakhs of small shopkeepers was destroyed, but he forgot that Adani and Ambani do not generate employment. Employment-generating small shopkeepers and traders are now caught in the cycle of GST.

Rahul accused the Prime Minister of lying about Corona. He said that Modi had claimed that the war against the epidemic would be won in 22 days but did it not happen. If so, then why are people wearing masks? After the public meeting in Sangrur, Rahul along with Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Congress State President Sunil Jakhar also took a tractor journey.

Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister and will repeal the Black Agriculture Act. He said that the Central Government does not know about the mutual relationship between the farmer and the adhatiyas. The farmer knocks the door of adhatiyaslate night and takes the money as per the need. He questioned that if people like Adani and Ambani are given the power, can the farmer go to Mumbai and knock on his door if needed?

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