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Pratap Singh Bajwa asks for removal of Captain from Punjab

Political crisis for Congress does not seem to end anytime soon as after Rajasthan, it now seems the situation is getting difficult for Congress in Punjab. Discord has reached a peak in the Punjab Congress as Congress Rajya Sabha member Pratap Singh Bajwa and Chief MinsiterAmrinder Singh are at loggerhead.

Bajwa has demanded the removal of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar from the Congress high command. Bajwa has claimed that 90 percent of Congress MLAs in the state are against Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and state head Sunil Jakhar. In such a situation, the high command should remove them immediately, otherwise, it will be game over for Congress in Punjab.

Bajwa said that even though these MLAs are issuing letters in favor of the government, the truth is that these MLAs are angry with the government and the organization. The MLAs do not want Captain and Jakhar to continue to lead Congress in Punjab. 

Bajwa said in an interview with a leading daily that the high command will have to decide soon. Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi should call all MLAs one by one instead of the group to Delhi and listen to their anguish.

He said, “neither the chief minister nor the state in-charge nor the head of the state should be called during this period.”

“I claim that after talking to the MLAs, when they count the Congress MLAs angry with Captain and Jakhar, then the number of angry MLAs will be 95 percent instead of 90 percent,” warned Bajwa.

He said that the high command should clarify the situation soon after hearing from everyone. Bajwa said, “Given the seriousness of the matter, the picture should be made clear for the MLAs too by at least choosing a replacement for the leadership in Punjab and if the captain is allowed to continue the game will be over by 2022 and I will not contest the election under Captian’s leadership.”

Significantly, in the case of poisonous liquor, Bajwa and Rajya Sabha member Shamsher Singh Dulo submitted a memorandum to the Governor for CBI investigation. Since then, the internal battle of Punjab Congress has reached its peak.

Bajwa has written a letter to Chandigarh (UT) DGP Sanjay Benipal about the withdrawal of security by the Punjab government. Bajwa said, “If there is any loss to me or my family, the Chief Minister of Punjab and DGP Punjab will be responsible for this.” In another letter to DGP Punjab Dinkar Gupta, Bajwa said that his security has been withdrawn after being inspired by politics. This is against the principles of professional IPS officers. For the last 40 years, he is threatened by anti-national and radical elements.

Taking strong exception to Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa’s attack on the integrity and fairness of Punjab DGP Dinkar Gupta, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Tuesday asked Bajwa to write to him, or to the party high command in Delhi if he had any grudge or complaint against the state government.

Tearing through Bajwa’s letter to DGP Gupta, the Chief Minister said it reflected the Rajya Sabha MP’s total “frustration and desperation” and exposed his own “shameless lies” in the matter.

“By his own admission, Bajwa had been highlighting what he alleges to be the politico-police-drug nexus, production, and distribution of illicit liquor, under state patronage and rampant illegal mining in Punjab,” Captain Amarinder pointed out, adding that if the state government had to take any vindictive action it would not have waited for the centre to provide him security.

“Have we not tolerated his criticism of the state government all this time?”, the Chief Minister quipped, adding that even the opposition parties in the state could not accuse his government of being spiteful.

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