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Major setback for RJD in Bihar as Lalu’s relative set to join JDU

Lalu's Relative

Before the Bihar Assembly elections, the JDU of Nitish Kumar, the chief of the state, has prepared to give another major blow to the former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s party RJD within a week. According to information received from trusted sources of JEDU, this time Lalu Prasad Yadav’s brother-in-law and Tej Pratap Yadav’s father-in-law Chandrika Rai will join the JDU. At the same time, two other MLAs of the party will also join the JDU.

It is reported that Jayawardhan Yadav, RJD MLA and grandson of Ramlakhan Singh Yadav and Faraz Fatmi, son of Ali Ashraf Fatmi, will also join the JDU. According to the information received, all these are expected to join the JDU in the afternoon. It is to be noted that three RJD MLAs had joined JDU earlier this week.

These MLAs include Maheshwar Hazari, Prema Chaudhary and Ashok Kushwaha. If we look at the caste equation of the MLAs who left RJD, then two of the 6 MLAs are Yadavs and one Muslim. In such a situation, it can be said that Nitish Kumar has started working on the M-Y (Muslim-Yadav) equation of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad.

It is to be known that RJD had expelled 3 MLAs of the party, including KVT MLA Faraj Fatmi, from the party on Sunday, just before the assembly elections, alleging anti-party activity. In such a situation, angry with his expulsion, Faraj Fatmi, who is the son of veteran leader Ali AsrafFatmi, had fiercely criticized the party in the media.

Faraj Fatmiwhile accusing the party had said, “They want to take votes from the minority community, but they want to break their leader. In that order, today was my number. Now I will go among the general public to put my case in front of them and on their advice, I will prepare my further strategy.”

Faraz Fatmi had further added, “It has come to my notice that I have been expelled from the party by the RJD for 6 years. But I was apprehensive about this a few days ago, when the state president of the party was reluctant to recognise me as a party member. They had fired me on that very same day, how many times morewould they expel me from the party. “

“My father who served the party for 30 years, when his ticket was given to someone else in the name of money and the day my father was removed from the party, I was also expelled the very the same day. It was done under a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy going on to crush the Muslim leadership within the party right now.”

With the call of assembly elections, the process of changing parties and looking for a secure future for the next 5 years has started and the Congress is also not untouched by this. The activities of three or four MLAs of the party are under suspicion. The party organization is also skeptical about some faces, so they are being monitored. However, this is not the first time that such things are happening in the election. In the last assembly and Lok Sabha elections, many leaders had shifted thei9r political beliefs. Talking about the last assembly election, Manohar Prasad came from JDU and contested on Congress ticket from Manihari. Purnima Yadav, who contested as a Congress candidate from Govindpur seat, had also left JDU. Anil Kumar Bhore had contested the last election from the assembly on a Congress ticket. Earlier he was a member of the JDU. Ashok Chaudhary, who was the state president of the Congress between the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, joined the JDU with four legislators. At the same time, Pappu Singh joined the Congress from the BJP just before the Lok Sabha elections. He contested elections on a Congress ticket from Purnia. This time too, the possibility of many faces changing political beliefs cannot be ruled out.

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