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Madhya Pradesh Bypolls Will Decide “Future” Of State: JyotiradityaScindia

Madhya Pradesh Bypolls Will Decide Future Of State Jyotiraditya Scindia-min

Describing the upcoming by-election in 27 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh as important, BJP leader JyotiradityaScindia said on Monday that the upcoming by-election will decide the future of Madhya Pradesh and the people will decide who they want as their leader, will it be “bada-chota bhai” (elder-younger brother) or “trimurti” (trinity).

Rajya Sabha member Scindia said in Gwalior on the last day of the BJP’s three-day membership campaign in the Gwalior-Chambal region, “the coming by-election is for justice and honor and the person who does not live in public, has no right to ask for votes. The upcoming election will decide the future of Madhya Pradesh. ”

He further said, “The public will decide whether elder-younger brother (Kamal Nath-Digvijay Singh) or Trimurti (Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and JyotiradityaScindia) will serve the people of the state.”

Praising Chief Minister ChouhanScindia said, “Chief Minister Chouhan immediately approved a plan of Rs 110 crore for Gohad (assembly constituency of Bhind district). At the same time, Kamal Nath (during his then government) used to cry out of lack of money. “Taunting the previous Kamal Nath government, he asked,” Now where did this money come from? “

“It is not an easy task to remain chief minister for 13 long years. It is possible only when you actually have made a place for yourself in the hearts of people,” Scindia added.

Scindia said that after assembly elections in 2018, when the Congress government was formed after 15 years in Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior-Chambal had a lot of contribution in it. For the first time, Congress got 26 seats out of 34. But everyone sawwhat happened in 15 months. He said, “we do not have attachment to the chair or post, but there should be talk of justice, respect and development.”

“When we felt cheated and promise were broken it was then we (Scindia and rebel Congress MLAs) came out in protest of the government,”added Scindia.

Scinidia also alleged that after coming into power the Congress should have drawn a bigger line than the BJP, but the Congress chose to draw a line of corruption and unfulfilled promises.

It is to be noted that Scindia who left the Congress and joined BJP, said on Sunday that when the Congress-led government came to power in Madhya Pradesh in December 2018, the top leadership of the Congress had offered him the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, but for the betterment of the public he had turned it down.

Scindia said that it was only then that he realized that within 15 months, the Congress government in the state headed by Kamal Nath would be divided and it happened. On the second day of the BJP’s three-day membership campaign, on Sunday, Scindia while addressing the new cadres in Gwalior said, “I was offered the post of Deputy Chief Minister by the top leadership (after the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh in 2018) , But I thought it better to serve the public than to take it.”

He had also attacked the Kamal Nath as he alleged that Kamal Nath had closed the Vallabh Bhavan (ministry) to the public. Only contractors and traders could go. The Chief Minister did not have time for ministers, MLAs and the Congress made Vallabh Bhavan a den of corruption.

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