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October 25, 2021
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Indian Army changes stance at LAC after China’s unsuccessful midnight attempt


The situation at the border is tense as China is bent on creating more troubles. Looking at the constant provocation by Chinese troops in the last couple of days, the Indian army has also decided to change its strategy and has deployed a mix of armored and mechanized elements at Depsang Plains apart from another combat group at Chumar.

According to a senior army official the “Indian Army is now in a secure border mode to pre-empt any Chinese PLA transgressions in vulnerable areas of Ladakh. The repositioning of Indian forces has been done to take the Chinese aggression into account in the area and to ensure that all positions are defended.”

From managing the border to securing the border on the 1,597 km Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the Indian army has promptly decided to change its posture to thwart the Chinese aggression in the Chushul sector. Because of the provocative acts of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) the Indian army has started inducting troops and support elements in the area.

The PLA Air Force has also increased its activity in the occupied Aksai Chin area with positions being militarily fortified. However, the Indian army has also deployed additional specialized forces to match the PLA’s aggression. The Special Frontier Force of the Indian army played a crucial role in preempting the Chinese PLA. Their efforts to grab the Indian Territory was thwarted by the Indian army on the southern bank of Pangong Tso five days ago. Since then the blame game is going on between the two nations. While the PLA, under General Secretary Xi Jinping, is accusing the Indian Army of aggravating the situation at the border, the Chinese are doing least to iron out the border dispute at a diplomatic level or militarily by just restoring the status quo ante.

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