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October 25, 2021
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India mobilizes terrain-hugging Nirbhay missiles with the 1,000-km range to protect LAC

nirbhay subsonic cruise missile

India is stepping up in protecting its border by moving sophisticated weapons to the disputed areas along the LAC. The Indian army will formally induct the Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile into its artillery. A limited number of missiles have also been moved to the Line of Actual Control where Indian soldiers are standing toe to toe with the Chinese PLA ready to face any eventuality.

Nirbhay missiles can kill from a range of 1,000 km with a success rate of 90 percent. The army also tested an extended-range BrahMos surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile equipped with the ability to hit targets 400 km away.

Its deployment has already been cleared by the Defence Acquisition Council headed by defence minister Rajnath Singh. The military, however, was more than eager to deploy the new missile and has already moved some of them to defend the LAC against China and did not wait for the formal permission.

“The new class of cruise missile will have a solid rocket booster along with supersonic speed using SFDR technology. The range of missiles can be decided based on mission objectives,” said an Indian missile expert.

Even the Chinese army has appeared to be active with provocative activities. Its Western theatre command has deployed stand-off weapons up to 2,000 km range and long-range surface-to-air missiles in Tibet and Xinjiang ever since the Ladakh standoff started in May this year. 

The Chinese PLA has deployed its weapons and soldiers further than occupied Aksai Chin. It has moved to deep positions from Kashgar, Hotan, Lhasa and Nyingchi along the 3,488 km Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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