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Imran Khan slammed on Social Media for commenting on Nurses

Imran Khan slammed on Social Media for commenting on Nurses

Opposition parties and social media users have come under attack for their statement of calling Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Nsorn as hur (beautiful woman). His statement is being termed as sexist, against women. Imran had said at an event in Karachi that he had suffered a massive injury during an election meeting in Lahore in 2013. He was in a lot of pain. At that time, the doctor injected him, after which he was relieved and the nurses of the hospital started hurting him.

His statement went viral on social media after which he came under attack from opposition parties and social media users. Mariam Aurangzeb, spokeswoman for Pakistan’s Muslim League-Nawaz, Pakistan’s opposition party, said, “Imran saheb, ask the doctors to give you a vaccine to improve the mind and intelligence.” You have destroyed a happy country. Looking at the things you are talking about, you should be given not one but two vaccines. ”

Pakistan People’s Party MP Nafisa Shah said that this was an insult and is not at all consistent with the level of the Prime Minister to declare Nassorn as an object of heavenly desire. His talk is about to mock the sacred profession like nursing.

One user tweeted, “What is the name of this magical injection?” Where does it come from? ”Another asked whether such an injection is available to everyone or does it only appear to Imran? Journalist Arshad Sharif said, “Does the Prime Minister want to send the message that nurses are a means to fulfill sexual desire?” What is the injection that makes the nose look like a hur? Has the Pakistan Prime Minister changed the holy profession of Sisters to Hur? “

On this tweet by Arshad Sharif, Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf replied that something said in a light-hearted manner is being interpreted differently. “Mr. Ashraf, it seems that you do not have the ability to make fun of me, which made you a sexist comment on the side effects of morphine with ill thought.” When anyone says that there is a feeling of heaven, then there is mention of hur. But, it is on the mind of the person how he takes anything. ”

A woman doctor Ayesha Navid gave a strong reply to this matter of Tehreek-e-Insaf. She wrote on Twitter, “As a doctor and a woman I would say yes, it is a sexist statement. Do some shame before defending such statements. What if the nurse whom Imran Hur is referring to and whose presence is enjoying it, is your sister, daughter or mother? “

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