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October 20, 2021
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Herd Immunity May Come Before Covid Vaccine Goes Off The Shelf: AIIMS Director

dr. guleria

In a media interaction, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria said that the country may reach a stage down the line where the whole nation may have a good amount of immunity, and the people in general may feel that there is now good immunity and the utility of the vaccine is not there.

He further added that if the virus doesn’t mutate or does not cause changes then people may not think to again vaccinate themselves and then, there will be less utilization of vaccines down the line.

On the launch of a vaccine, Dr. Guleria said if a vaccine is available and we are able to give it to the high risk group and those who have a higher chance of the infection as a priority, we would be immediately able to decrease the number of cases and also decrease the number of deaths.

On being asked about the after care of the COVID-19 patients he mentioned that the government is also working aggressively on developing post-Covid-19 clinics at all levels. This could be at district level and in medical colleges, and to provide holistic support to these individuals, he said. Dr. Guleria said many of the patients need supportive treatment, which could also be meditation, yoga, so it is looking at a comprehensive plan: Allopathic, Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines.

He iterated that people are learning new things about coronavirus and preventive measures would need time to evolve.

This is the first pandemic of this magnitude with coronavirus, the previous pandemic was with influenza virus, said Guleria. “What we are realizing with this coronavirus, which is a new virus, and is of the bat origin. This virus, although causes respiratory tract infection, but it does also cause a systemic effect,” Dr. Guleria added.

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