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December 2, 2021
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Former SP minister Abhishek Mishra said – coronation is not possible without Brahmins in UP

Former SP minister Abhishek Mishra said – coronation is not possible without Brahmins in UP

With an aim to woo Brhamin voters in the Uttar Pradesh all political partiesare engaged in asserting their rights over Lord Parshuram. However, Samajwadi Party’s State Spokesperson and former Minister Abhishek Mishra said that it is wrong to connect Lord Parashuramato politics.

He said, “We belong to Lord Ram and Lord Ram belongs tom us and Parashurama too. We will install a 108-foot statue of Lord Parshuram in Lucknow, which no one had even imagined.”

Talking to reporters in a hotel on the highway while going from Lucknow to Kanpur, he said that in the political environment, only the SP has survived the political hostility of BJP in UP and apart from these, there is no one in the fight. When quizzed about the reunion of Akhilesh Yadav and his uncleShivpal, Mishra said, “the national president has already clarified that he will do work in the interest of society, country and UP.”

“People will see change in UP when the government changes and the Samajwadi Partycomes in power,” added Mishra.  Expressing concern about the status of Brahmins, the former minister said 16 per cent of the Brahmin population in the state handed power to BJP, but today, the same population is being neglected.”

“Earlier, in Ghazipur, an inspector trampled Janeu under his boots.After that 9 people were killed, it is a very embarrassing case in itself and the Brahmin society is angry with this,” said Mishra.

The former minister targeted the BJP on the rising crime in the state saying that MLAs are being beaten up in the police station while the public is distressed. On the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, Abhishek Mishra said that a Ram temple is being built on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Earlier, Parshuram Chetna Peeth founder Abhishek Mishra was welcomed by giving a statue of Lord Parshuram on the Unnao bypass led by SP leader Soni Singh Parihar. Meanwhile District President Dharmendra Yadavwas not informed about the program ofSP State spokesman Abhishek Mishra. As he said that he came to know about the program by looking at the photos on social media. Dharmendra looked very distressed by this. He said “ a state-level leader of the party comes to the city, but as District President, I am not even informed. I get to know through social media. This is wrong.”

It is to be noted that before the UP 2022 assembly elections, all political parties are engaged in helping Brahmin voters. SP, BSP and Congress party allege that Brahmins are being neglected in the state government. The Encounter of History Sheeter Vikas Dubey had disturbed the caste equation of Uttar Pradesh. Actually, Vikas Dubey described himself as the Messiah of Brahmin society. The Brahmin vote bank politics started in UP after the Bikeru massacre.

Earlier on Sunday Abhishek said, “Lord Shri Ram, Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Shri Narasimha, Parashuram belong to us. All the incarnations of God belong to us. We are not ready to give Lord Shriram to any one party. There is no need to distribute them, I would like to appeal to the people of the Bharatiya Janata Party to spare them. Do not divide them among castes. When it comes to religion, rituals, the idol of God, politics is visible to the BJP. This is his trick character and face.”

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