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Five Rockets fired near US embassy in Baghdad

Five Rockets fired near US embassy in Baghdad

Five rockets were fired near the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad on Sunday (26 January). Two security sources gave this information to AFP. No one has yet claimed responsibility for this latest attack on American establishments in the country.

AFP correspondents heard the sound of the blast on the western side of the Tigris river. Most of the foreign embassies are located in this area. A security source said three rockets fell into the high-security complex, while another said five rockets were fired into the area.

Later, according to a statement by Iraqi security forces, five rockets were fired in the high-security green zone. However, he did not mention the US embassy in it. There have been no reports of any casualties in the incident.

Earlier on January 24, the Pentagon reported that 34 US soldiers suffered brain injuries in a recent Iranian missile attack on a US military base in Iraq. Half of them returned to their military duty after treatment. According to Pentagon chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, 17 out of 34 soldiers are still under surveillance.

However, President Donald Trump initially stated that he had been told that no soldiers were injured in the January 8 attack. The army said that there were no cases immediately after the attack and in some cases it was detected several days later.

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