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October 20, 2021
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Delhi BJP Chief Adesh Gupta seeks Anna Hazare support against AAP Govt

Anna Hazare

The BJP has sought Anna Hazare’s support to raise voice against the AamAadmi Party (AAP) government that emerged from the Anna Hazare movement. Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta has written a letter accusing the government of corruption and communal politics. He wrote that we are constantly fighting against the anti-national and anti-people policies of the Delhi government. In such a situation, you are requested to come to Delhi and raise voice against corruption and join us in the movement. He said that in order to give relief to the feeling of cheating Delhi’s youth and people community will have to raise their voice once again, only then political freshness will begin.

In his letter, Gupta alleged that ‘AAP’ has become the new name of social political and economic corruption and this party which came to the government in the name of cleanliness and cleanliness in politics has destroyed all the parameters of political purity.

Adesh Gupta said that senior social activist Anna Hazare has been fighting the fight against corruption for a long time and has always raised his voice regarding the problems of public interest. He showed many corrupt leaders their rightful place. He also led a mass movement for the Right to Information Act (RTI). Similarly, on April 5, 2011, he went on a fast unto death against the then government to demand the Jan Lokpal Bill to eradicate corruption in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan. From this movement, some people advocated clean politics and formed a political party called ‘AamAadmi Party’. Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi contested elections. New faces were introduced as soon as the government was formed.

Adesh Gupta said that after coming back to power on the basis of false promises, false motives and communal politics, the people of Delhi have suffered the brunt of the communal riots planned by the government. The government stands in support of every anti-national. Similarly, the creation of fake companies in the name of political donations and the machine to white out black money has become an AamAadmi Party. New chapters of social, political and economic corruption have been added. Such a party and government has no right to live in Delhi.

The BJP leader also alleged that the riots in north-east Delhi in February were planned by the AAP government in which at least 53 people lost their lives. He wrote in the letter that some people in your name advocated a clean political system and formed the AamAadmi Party. There was no immediate response from the AamAadmi Party about this.

The AamAadmi Party is a constant attacker on the BJP. It has made allegations of massive corruption in the three municipal corporations of the BJP-ruled capital. It has also targeted the BJP over the Delhi riots. Allegations between the two parties have intensified in the wake of the municipal elections in 2022. Gupta wrote in his letter that the AamAadmi Party government is anti-women and is supporting the opponents of the nation.

Gupta has alleged that now the AamAadmi Party has become a party not of common people but of communal people. The BJP president said that the new name of social, political and economic corruption is the AamAadmi Party and the BJP is constantly fighting against it. 

He said that you have a fervent prayer that you should come to Delhi and raise your voice against corruption and support us in this movement. The youth and the populace of Delhi feel cheated. For their relief, you will have to raise your voice again only then there will be a new beginning of political sanctity.

It is to be known that in 2011, when Anna Hazare agitated in Delhi on the issue of corruption at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal emerged as its main face. Later Kejriwal and his supporters turned to active politics and then the AamAadmi Party (AAP) was formed. The party formed its government three times later in Delhi and today in Punjab it is playing the role of the main opposition party. a

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