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COVID-19 travel advisory: Know quarantine regulations of each state before you embark on your journey!


As the country is gradually limping back to normalcy, unlocking phase-wise, people have also started traveling to their destinations, albeit cautiously. Along with the roadways and trains, the skies have also opened up with domestic and international flights beginning its operations. However, the state governments have announced specific SOPs to be followed in each state setting aside their respective quarantine norms.

Hence, before you travel, it is paramount to fully know of the regulations of the state you are traveling to and its quarantine rules. Here, we have compiled the different parameters of state-wise quarantine guidelines to help you decide on your itinerary:

Delhi: People arriving in Delhi via flight will be subjected to thermal screening. They also have to self-quarantine for seven days at home.

Haryana: Travelers need to home quarantine for 14 days coming from outside the state. Thermal screening of passengers required at airports.

Himachal Pradesh: People will have to go into 14-days institutional quarantine if coming from the red zone. In airports, passengers will go through thermal screening.

J & K: Mandatory COVID-test for people coming into the state. Airports need to fulfill quarantine requirements.

Madhya Pradesh: Random test of people arriving at the airport is followed. COVID test to be done on asymptomatic travelers.

Punjab: Travelers need to quarantine for 14 days at home. Thermal screening at airports mandated. Passengers need to register on COVA Punjab App before commencing the journey.

Uttar Pradesh: Exemption from quarantine for domestic travelers. Thermal screening at the airport for passengers on arrival.

Uttarakhand: Random COVID test of travelers to the state while thermal screening is mandatory for all.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Random COVID test and thermal screening of travelers.

Assam: Thermal screening of travelers is done upon arrival. COVID swab test will be done while antigen test is also available in Guwahati. Two days of institutional quarantine followed by eight days of home quarantine for all.

Bihar: Thermal screening upon arrival for all travelers. No quarantine is mandated.

Chattishgarh: Institutional quarantine for symptomatic travelers. Asymptomatic travelers to quarantine at home for 14 days.

Jharkhand: Mandatory home quarantine for all passengers of 14 days. Arogya Setu App is compulsory for all to download.

Manipur: A mandatory 14 days quarantine for all passengers. Thermal screening is conducted on all travelers.

Nagaland: 14 days institutional quarantine followed by 14 days home quarantine for all travelers.

Odisha: Home quarantine for all travelers. Asymptomatic travelers need to further undergo institutional quarantine of 14 days.

Tripura: Randon sample collection from travelers and they are advised to self-monitor.

Meghalaya: Mandatory quarantine of 48 hours for all travelers. Negative passengers to undergo 14 days of home quarantine, and if tested positive institutional process followed.

Mizoram: 21 days of institutional quarantine and 21 days of home quarantine after this for all travelers to the state.

West Bengal: Thermal screening of all travelers. People are advised to self-monitor for 14 days. If test positive institutional process followed.

Goa: Travelers can opt for 14 days home quarantine or paid institutional quarantine.

Gujarat: Asymptomatic travelers to home quarantine and self-monitor for 14 days.

Maharashtra: 14 days of home quarantine for all travelers.

Andhra Pradesh: 14 days of home quarantine for all domestic travelers. Random tests might be done on travelers and future course of action would depend on the results.

Telangana: Only international travelers to undergo institutional quarantine for 7 days.

Karnataka: All asymptomatic travelers to undergo home quarantine for 14 days.

Kerala: Mandatory home quarantine of 14 days for all. Thermal screening of passengers on arrival.

Tamil Nadu: People arriving from other states to undergo 14 days home quarantine. Thermal screening of all passengers upon arrival.

Hence, if you have to travel anywhere in India, you can refer to this ready reckoner and be prepared for the respective quarantine norms of each place.

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