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October 20, 2021
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Congress looking to strengthen its stronghold in Purvanchal by wooing Brahmin voters

Congress party strategists have started the initiative to penetrate UP Mission 2022 by National General Secretary and UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi. The party has now started working on a strategy to bring its old and traditional voter Brahmins into its camp. In Purvanchal, especially in Gorakhpur-Basti division, the Congress is preparing to strengthen its stronghold.

The party has cleared its plans by making Suyash Mani Tripathi of Brahmin-dominated Deoria district as the President of the State Farmers Congress. Ashutosh Tripathi’s coronation to the post of city president of Gorakhpur is also part of the party’s same strategy. The main thrust of the party is to bring old Congressmen back into the mainstream of the party. For the very same reason, it has been instructed to hold meetings at the booth and Nyaya Panchayat level twice a week. There is also a plan to prepare a list of old loyal party workers and officials in these meetings and meet senior party leaders. Priyanka Gandhi met 10-12 workers from 40 districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh in July last year to strengthen the party at the organizational level. Priyanka made special efforts in this meeting to find the reason for the weaknesses of the party and the strength of the BJP. From select workers of all the four districts of Gorakhpur division.

State spokesperson of the party Dwijendra Ram Tripathi says that in Purvanchal, the party is focusing full attention on the Brahmins. Data of people are also being collected at the Nyaya Panchayat level. A list of such people is also being prepared, which are the people who have been in Congress before or their family members have been in the party. He further added that the Brahmins have a glorious and impressive past in Purvanchal, the party is working to restore it. From here Brahmins have had a strong involvement in strengthening the party. The Brahmin has felt orphaned since Congress has been away from power in the state. The BJP, SP, and BSP have only deceived the Brahmin community in the state. Brahmin is not a vote bank but an ideology.

Tripathi while trying to make a statement said “Brahmins had turned to the BJP in the desire of respect. However, they are far from being respected, instead they are being humiliated at every step. Brahmins are completely marginalized, which is why the trend of Brahmins returning to Congress has increased. “

“The Congress has so far given six Brahmin Chief Ministers in the state, while not a single Brahmin Chief Minister has been given so far from BJP, SP, and BSP. Brahmins neither get respect nor their right in these parties. The Brahmin does not worry about his interest and thinks for the betterment of society and country,” Suyash added.

Suyash Mani Tripathi, former president of District Congress Committee Deoria, was made the chairman of the Eastern Zone of Uttar Pradesh Kisan Congress last month. While expressing happiness on Shri Mani’s nomination, the Congresspeople of the district had expressed joy while thanking the top leadership and said that Suyash Mani has is a very competitive and down to earth leader.

The people said that Tripathi is well known throughout the district for his fight for the interests of farmers. His supporters said “With Tripathi’s nomination, farmers in eastern Uttar Pradesh have got their own leader, and he will become a voice for them and will help the farmers to get their due rights. Due to his nomination, the youth and farmers of Purvanchal district are full of joy.”

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