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Congress Feedback Meet: Ajay Makan to meet party workers and leaders of Jaipur, Alwar & Sikar

Congress Feedback Meet

The newly appointed AICC general secretary in-charge of Rajasthan, Ajay Maken, will hold a meeting with the leaders of Jaipur, Alwar and Sikar divisions at the PCC office today. Maken would be having a tough task at hand as a day before factionalism came to the fore in Ajmer’s meeting.

Maken will discuss with the Congress party workers on more efforts can the state government put, in the public interest so that the respect of the Congress worker on the ground can increase. It is to be noted that Ajay Maken had arrived in Jaipur for a feedback meeting on 30 August. After meeting for two days, he returned to Delhi due to the demise of Pranab Mukherjee. Now the feedback meet is all set to kick start again.

Maken will hold a feedback meeting with 50 or more people from each district during his tour. These 50 will include MLA, former MLA, MLA candidate, organization officer, advance organization officer, MP candidate and prominent Congress leader. Talking to them, Maken will prepare a plan for a better working model for the Congress government in the state.

In this plan, the focus will be to get more respect Congress workers, workers will put in the effort to make Congress image good and strong throughout the state. Party workers will also be working on how to eliminate factionalism in the party. Additionally, the details of all these feedback meetings will also be passed on to the Congress high command. The information has been sent to the concerned leaders to meet Maken.

Maken took a report on the promise of the Congress’ public manifesto and the working performance of the ministers. In this, the ministers made claims to fulfil 70 per cent of the promises of the public manifesto. In such a situation, Maken will also cross verify the report of the ministers with the Congress leaders as to what extent the working took place. At which level, there were deficiencies or good work and what did ministers do if there were deficiencies.

Earlier, Ajay Maken, who arrived in Ajmer on Wednesday, held a meeting of the officials of the countryside and the city Congress at the Hotel Merwara Estate. While Maken was busy in the meeting with officials inside the hotel, supporters of Sachin Pilot shouted slogans against Medical Minister Raghu Sharma, outside. The supporters of Sachin Pilot further tore posters of the Health minister and called Raghu Sharma a fraud.  Pilot supporters said that Raghu Sharma had cheated Pilot, which has angered him. Seeing the supporters of Sachin Pilot shouting slogans, Raghu Sharma’s supporters also reached the venue and started shouting slogans in support of health minister Raghu Sharma. As the tension between the supporter of Pilot and Sharma started ti intensify Police officers reached the spot before the two sides clashed. Police then separated the two sides and normalcy was restored as the matter resolved. At the same time, it has also become clear that there is factionalism in Congress not only among senior leaders but also among the workers. Due to the very same reason now the Congress party will try to check on the status of the party in Jaipur.

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