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December 2, 2021
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Chinese incursion: PLA hoist signage, map, on bank of Pangong lake marking it as their territory

Day after India announced the banning Chinese apps, the People’s Liberation Army of China has erected a huge signage and map on the banks of the Pangong Lake, claiming it as their own. The Chinese have already occupied an eight km stretch on the northern bank of the lake, which is legitimately India’s land.

The signage is a massive 80-meter in size which is visible from air and capable of being picked by satellites. Along with inscriptions, the signage also carries a Mandarin symbol which signifies the country China. The signage dislodges India’s status quo of maintaining that LAC runs north to south at finger 8.

This action by China has ruffled the Indian army forcing them to mobilize additional troops in the area to face any eventuality. Army officials said that the “PLA has no intention to leave the area any time soon.” The Indian army wants “restoration of status quo ante, with PLA pulling back to its original position.”

Indian and Chinese soldiers engage in a physical scuffle on May 5-6

The PLA soldiers are also acting with urgency, building dozens of fortifications, prefabricated hutments, bunkers, and pill-boxes from Finger-4 to 8 of the Pangong Lake. The PLA is consolidating their positions in the area giving rise to a lot of unease on the Indian side. There were even scuffles between the Chinese army and the Indian soldiers in May. The Chinese soldiers have curbed all Indian patrolling from finger 4-8 along the lake area.

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