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October 20, 2021
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China shies away from taking onus of Galwan Clash, tells India to discipline its troops instead

After two months of the deadly clash between China’s People’s Liberation Army and the 16 Bihar Regiment that resulted in the death of 20 soldiers, Chinese ambassador to India, Sun Weidong has refused to own the responsibility. He said that the “onus is not on China” for the ugly face-off on June 15.

“If one analysis this incident carefully, it’s quite clear that the onus is not on China,” Weidong wrote in a Chinese embassy magazine. “The Indian side crossed the LAC for provocation and attacked the Chinese border troops. The Indian forces seriously violated agreements on border issues between the two countries and severely violated basic norms governing international relations.”

Rather, he has urged the Narendra Modi government to thoroughly probe the incident and “hold the violators accountable, strictly discipline the frontline troops, and immediately stop all provocative acts to ensure such incidents will not occur again.”

Since the Kargil war in 1999, the Galwan clash is the worst setback for the Indian army and the most severe square-off between India and China since 1967 which saw 88 Indian soldiers being martyred and 340 PLA troops being killed. It was near the Nathu La and Cho La passes.

On the other hand, India has repeatedly maintained that the June 15 Galwan Valley incident was the fallout of Chinese aggression. But Beijing does not agree to this and continues to shift the blame to the Indian forces for the violence.

Moreover, this is not the first instance that China has asked for a probe into the incident. Just two days after the incident on June 17, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had made the same demand when he discussed with EAM S Jaishankar to de-escalate tensions.

Paying tributes to the martyred Indian brave hearts, PM Narendra Modi said, “The country would be proud that our soldiers died fighting (‘woh maarte-maarte mare hain’).” This meant the Indian soldiers had caused casualties in the enemy.

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