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August 5, 2021
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China retracts at Galwan valley, pulls back its troops by 1.5 km

China vs India

India and China have pulled back its troops by at least 1.5 km in the Galwan valley, barely three days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to Ladakh.

A buffer zone has been created between the two sides. This is a much-needed disengagement between the two hostile neighbors who got into an ugly fight that martyred 20 Indian soldiers.

However, it cannot be commented on this development whether this a permanent situation or things could get nasty between the countries. India is taking the Chinese incursion seriously and dealing with the situation with an iron fist.

PM Narendra Modi landed in Ladhak on Friday to gauge the situation along the LAC (Image: The Financial Express)

PM Modi, on his visit last Friday, addressed the soldiers and boosted their morale, saying that “the age of expansionism is over and expansionist forces have either lost or were forced to turn back.” Army heads of both the countries also met for protracted discussions last week and tried to work out an amicable route.

Sattelite images show Chinese incursion (Picture credits: BBC)

There were continued engagements between China and India to defuse the tension at the LAC since the bloody physical fight among the soldiers of both sides. Sattelite images have enough evidence of Chinese intrusions across the Line of Actual Control.

Image courtesy: Al Jazeera

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