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Can’t Awaken Someone Who Pretends to Sleep, Says MP Min Kamal Patel on Farm Stir

MP Min Kamal Patel on Farm Stir

Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel while talking about the continuation of the farmers’ movement on the borders of Delhi, despite the harsh cold and rain said on Monday that how can a person pretending to sleep be awakened. Patel was asked what is the reason that despite the harsh cold and rain, thousands of farmers are adamant on their demands on the borders of Delhi and despite their several rounds of talks with the central government, their protest against the new agricultural laws continues.

The state agriculture minister told reporters on this question, “They (agitators) are not obeying us because we can wake up a sleeping person. But how can a person who pretends to sleep be awakened?” The senior BJP leader claimed that most farmers of the country are supporting the Narendra Modi government on the new agricultural laws. Patel emphasized that the new agricultural laws will free the farmers from the hurdle of middlemen and increase their income by getting better prices for the crops.

Taking a dig at the country’s main opposition Congress, he said, “Farmers are being misled by lying that the agricultural sector has been handed over to industrialists through the new agricultural laws.” Kamal Patel said that 626 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) will be formed in the state to boost the economy. It is noteworthy that FPO is a group of farmers who conduct all business activities related to agriculture along with crop production.

It is to be noted that Reliance Industry gave its clarification regarding alleged rumours being spread about new agricultural laws. Reliance Industry gave its clarification that the company has nothing to do with corporate or contract farming nor does the company have any such plans. The company has not bought farmers’ land for corporate farming. After this, the state agriculture minister Kamal Patel said that it was clear from the explanation of Reliance that confusion was being spread among the farmers. Some political parties are tricking the farmers for their selfishness. But the farmers are sensible.

Patel said that the income of farmers will double by 2022 after the Agriculture Act of the Central Government. Farmers can now set up their own factory. They will have their own cold storage, food processing plants. Our government is going to give a grant of 1 lakh crore to the country’s donors. Insurance is also being given to farmers in case of crop failure. Therefore, there is an appeal to the farmers that you should not get seduced by anyone but support Modiji. Your fate and picture will change. After this law, the farmer will be self-sufficient. “If the middlemen are removed then the income of the farmer will increase, now the farmer has got financial freedom, so the farmer of the whole country is with Modi Ji. If the farmer leaders want the welfare of the farmer, then they will support this law” said Kamal Patel, a minister in Madhya Pradesh government, on talks with farmer leaders.

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