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December 2, 2021
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Biden Secretary of State pick Antony Blinken could tilt the scales in India’s favor


President-elect Joe Biden has hand-picked Antony ‘Tony’ Blinken as the next secretary of state of the United States.

With his vast experience in the state department, Blinken can be very handy given his familiarity with the department that extends several decades. He was the brain behind foreign policies of the former vice president when Biden was the resident of the US Naval Observatory.

Blinken, who also served as staff director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Biden was its chairman, has been a long-time foreign policy adviser to Biden. Later on, Blinken went on to become the deputy secy. under John Kerry.  

Blinken started off as a foreign speech writer to President Bill Clinton in the mid-1990s. His father served as an ambassador to Hungary around that time.

Blinken could be pro India

His selection as thesecretary of state could be beneficial for India owing to his long-standing equation with the subcontinent. Blinken was instrumental in shaping Biden’s policy views when he was his long-time foreign policy adviser for the Middle East, China, Europe, Iran and India.

Blinken helped in wading through the rough weather and choppy waters of the Senate when the Indo-US nuclear deal was in ratification.

The deal had bipartisan support with some democratic opposition on the far left. Blinken’s handling of this deal could be an indication of his stance towards India. Even Obama was skeptical of the deal earlier.

A pro India vision of Blinken was also evident when he was delivering a lecture at the Hudson Institute earlier this summer.  On being asked about how he sees relations with India, Blinken had said “I think from Vice President Biden’s perspective, strengthening and deepening the relationship with India is going to be a very high priority. It’s usually important to the future of the Indo-Pacific and the kind of order that we all want; it’s fair, stable, and hopefully increasingly democratic and it’s vital to being able to tackle some of these big global challenges.”

Now, with the Presidency in the United States still in limbo, it will take some time before things get back to normal.

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