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October 25, 2021
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Bhupendra Singh Hudda targets BJP over Farm bills, Hooda-Robert Vadra ‘broker’ of capitalists says BJP

Bhupendra Singh Hudda

Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda has justified the agitation of farmers’ organizations protesting against the Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) in Sirsa. He said that in this hour of difficulty, it is the duty of all political parties to stand with the farmers like the Congress. Therefore, JJP should immediately withdraw support from the government that cheated the farmers. Now the time has come when all the MLAs will have to choose between the chair and the farmer. What does not belong to the farmer cannot belong to anyone. The JJP also elected one of the farmers and the chair.

Hudda held the government responsible for the problems being faced by farmers in the markets. He says that farmers have been coming to the markets with paddy and other crops for several weeks but they are not being procured. The procurement is less than the arrival of the crop. Farmers are being harassed in the name of registration and gate passes.

Hooda said that the government is refusing to buy the crop as an excuse for moisture. The farmers are not getting MSP in all the purchases that are being made. Under compulsion, farmers are selling their crops to private agencies at half prices. These are the same private agencies, about which the government was claiming that after the implementation of three new laws, these agencies will buy the crop at a higher rate than the MSP. But now it has become clear that agencies are only engaged in looting the crop of farmers.

Hudda further informed that farmers who are victims of neglect are having to sell their paddy at a rate of 500 to 1000 rupees less. Similarly, maize farmers are also getting a rate of less than one thousand to 12 hundred rupees per quintal. The same situation is with millet and cotton. Hooda said that every crop of farmers is being neglected in the market of the state as markets are lined with paddy and other crops.

On the other hand, BJP targeted Hudda and Congress as he termed former CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Robert Vadra as capitalists’ brokers.

BJP’s Haryana State President Omprakash Dhankar strongly targeted Congress over the Agriculture Ordinance. Along with this, he said that the Agriculture Ordinance is farmer-friendly and farmers will get good benefits. At the same time, he said that the BJP will run a campaign to get information about the Agriculture Ordinance and through it will send information to the homes of 1400000 farmers. Further, he named former Haryana CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Robert Vadra as brokers. Dhankad said that these two are working to benefit the capitalists.

For the first time after becoming the state president, Om Prakash Dhankhar reached Panipat to have a meeting of BJP workers and took a meeting of workers in the auditorium of Arya College, which included local and local BJP officials including workers from all the divisions including urban and rural MLAs. In the meeting, he said that with the support of the workers the party will register a victory in Baroda by-election.

Omprakash Dhankhar said that the opposition has become inferior and they have no agenda to do politics and the opposition is unnecessarily opposing agricultural ordinance. He reminded that Congress itself had announced the implementation of this ordinance in its election manifesto and now when BJP government has done the same thing, they are opposing it.

Dhankar added the Congress has no attachment to the farmers of the country and if they had an attachment then why did they not implement the Swaminathan Commission report for so many years.

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