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Arvind Kejriwal vs Amarinder Singh: Chief Ministers Fight over Farm Laws

Arvind Kejriwal vs Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has given a befitting reply to the political attacks of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Captain said that Kejriwal has failed to protect the interests of the farmer and is using a low-grade absurd language to hide it. The Punjab Chief minister questioned Kejriwal “Why you do not take a stand against the Center by passing a law in your state assembly like Punjab?”

Earlier, Kejriwal had said that the states were helpless against the central agricultural laws. However. Captain Amarinder Singh rejected his claims and said that it is clear that AAP leaders do not even want to try to fight against dangerous laws. The Punjab CM further added that instead of quietly notifying the central laws, Kejriwal should have made some efforts to neutralize these laws. He said that it was evident that “this sneaky little fellow, whose double standards have been exposed time and again, is now completely cornered on the issue.”

The Punjab Chief minister retaliated Arvind Kejriwal’s remarks about the central government being upset over not allowing the stadiums in Delhi to be converted into temporary jails. Amrinder Singh said, “Kejriwal’s statement proves that the AAP leader is more worried about the anger of the Center than the condition of the farmers.”

It is to be noted that a day before Kejriwal while taking a jibe at his Punjab Counterpart had said: “The reason behind Captain Sahab’s allegation is that we did not allow the nine stadiums in Delhi to be converted into jails.”. The Centre had plans to put farmers in these stadiums, he said. “They are upset with me as I didn’t permit making them jails,” added the Chief Minister, whose party is part of the opposition in Punjab.

The Chief Minister also strongly condemned Kejriwal for misleading people about the committee set up by the Central Government last year regarding agricultural laws. He said that these black laws were not even discussed once in fact even the committee did not even mention them.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal responded to the allegations of the Chief Minister of Punjab, as he said that Captain Amarinder Singh has come down to petty politics at such a delicate time.

Kejriwal said, “Even as the Chief Minister, knowing everything, Amarinder Singh is making false allegations against the Delhi government.” Kejriwal said that Captain Amarinder Singh’s allegations of passing the Agriculture Act in Delhi are false.

Kejriwal clarified that the day the President signed these laws, the law came into force throughout the country. It is not in the hands of any state to implement the law or not. He said that the agitating farmers have come to Delhi and are demanding the Central Government repeal this law. If a state had the power to repeal the law, the farmers would have demanded the Chief Ministers of their state to repeal this law. Kejriwal asked Singh if he is accusing the Delhi CM in a bid to form a friendship with BJP. He said, “So, is it the pressure of these people that you are putting allegations against me? Are you doing it for friendship with BJP or are you under pressure as the Enforcement Directorate has filed a case against your family?”

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