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About Us


Powernewstv.com is a 360-degree news website that covers every single news that has significance in today’s context and in real-time. Be it regional, national, or international, Powernewstv.com keeps the readers abreast of happenings in the world. Ranging from politics, business, entertainment, sports, health, and current affairs, we ensure that the viewers never miss anything. 

For those who love consuming news on the go and as it unfurls, Powernewstv.com is just the perfect news website for them. Digging deep into a story, we bring out the facts without diluting or being partisan. From the latest controversies to the most enigmatic, unsolved, and mysterious incidents we always cover that is newsworthy, which keeps our readers intrigued. Powernewstv.com has so far received the love and appreciation of news buff, which is apparent from the growing readership the website has managed to pull off in a short span. Whether it is our sharp political coverage, incisive economic trends, breaking news, controversies, inside scoop, scandals, achievements, crime, movements, technology, Powenewstv.com has it all, told most fascinatingly, but without tinkering with the facts.